My creativity is rooted in design.

I love to build and create things with my hands, but truly, I love to design.  This is not a function of OCD at all.  Just like a puzzle, I like to piece together all the aspects of a final project to complete my masterpiece.  It also helps that things tend to flow a little better with some forethought.  I believe this is why I possess a diversity of interest and talents: they are all derived from the enjoyment of starting something new, from scratch, with an end product that I’m proud to show off.  So, that’s code for: I like to start projects 😉

I’ve designed all my life, starting with forts and “barbie/pony,/Shera” kingdoms when I was young, to the current art, landscapes and gardens, interior designs, and entire custom homes that I build now.

I Design it, then I Build it.

More of my professional projects.